Know Return - a Kansas Tribute Band

"Know Return" is a  Kansas tribute band, located in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Saturday, December 12th, 2015 - 7:30PM - Building 24 - Wyomissing, PA
Friday, January 8th, 2016 - 8:00PM - Havana - New Hope, PA


Kansas - an American progressive rock band that became popular in the 1970s initially on album-oriented rock charts, and later with hit singles such as Carry On Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind, and Point of Know Return. They currently are still touring, and celebrated their 40th year as a band, playing their Fan Appreciate Concert on August 17, 2013 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tribute band - a group that plays the songs of a band they admire.

Point of Know Return - Title track of Kansas' fifth album, written by Steve Walsh, Robby Steinhardt, and Phil Ehart. It is phrased as 4+4+4+3 in the verses and 4+3+4+4 in the choruses. The album was Kansas' highest charting album in the US, peaking at #4 in January 1978, sold four million copies in the US, and was certified Quadruple Platinum by the RIAA.

Today I found a message floating
In the sea from you to me
You wrote that when you could see it
You cried with fear, the point was near
Was it you that said "How long to the point of know return?"
... lyrics from "Point of Know Return"