Dave Boardman - guitar and vocals

Hatboro, PA  

Susan Piper Band (original music); Hotwire, Riff Raff, Dave Boyd Projects, Don't Tell Your Father (rock); Ivan Taub & The Overdrive Orchestra (corporate/wedding); Nothing Really House Band (Cable TV); Blues Alley (R&B). Currently in both Mixed Company and the Cellar Ratz. 

Influences /Favorite Musicians: 
Deep Purple & Ritchie Blackmore, Queen, Jethro Tull, Wishbone Ash, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Mountain, Glenn Miller Orchestra  

Why Music? 
Dave had a lot of friends who were into music and started out on drums. When he realized he was 'rhythmically challenged' he switched to guitar. Dave has not had formal training - he plays by ear and is entirely self taught.  

Favorite Kansas Songs:
The Wall, Lonely Wind 

Indy Car & Formula 1 Racing, Philadelphia Eagles & Phillies, Travel & Reading, but only on the beach.