Kansas (1974) 
Can I Tell You 
Bringing It Back 
Lonely Wind 
Journey From Mariabronn

Song for America (1975) 
Down the Road 
Song for America 

Masque (1975) 
Icarus (Born on the Wings of Steel)  
Child of Innocence 

Leftoverture (1976)  
Carry on Wayward Son  
Miracles out of Nowhere  
Magnum Opus  
The Wall   
What's On My Mind  

Point of Know Return (1977)  
Dust in the Wind   
Portrait (He Knew)  
Point of Know Return
Sparks of the Tempest


Monolith (1979)   
On the Other Side   
Reason To Be  

Audio-Visions (1980)   
Hold On   

Vinyl Confessions (1982)   
Play the Game Tonight   

Drastic Measures (1983)   
Fight Fire With Fire