Our Names, Bandsplained

   Kansas with violin  Kansas  without violin  Styx

  Fun & excitement

Know Return   √√√
Fooling Ourselves   √√√

7 musicians, 2 bands. It gets complicated even for us sometimes.  Here’s the deal: Any show that’s billed as Know Return will showcase the violin that’s integral to the sound of Kansas songs like Dust in the Wind, Miracles Out of Nowhere and Song for America. Straightforward, right? But our same musicians form Fooling Ourselves, a tribute to the music of Styx. So it’s easy for us to do a show with both “bands.” 

On the occasions we perform a show as a 6-piece band — without violin — we bill it as Fooling Ourselves. Audiences enjoy the same high-energy Styx repertoire. And you can still expect to hear us perform a set’s worth of Kansas songs that don’t require violin. We’ll just refrain from calling ourselves Know Return to satisfy those who believe it’s impossible to be a Kansas tribute band without the violin on stage. 

When in doubt, applaud.

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